Wow I’ve taken the real IELTS test!

(30/05) Hi ! Today is my first time taking the IELTS real test; it was the most memorable experience ever!


Firstly, thanks to my sponsorship, which gives me full funding to study and take real tests. 

I will start to talk about how I manage my time to study IELTS. Currently, I am a mother with one daughter; indeed, I don’t have enough time to open my book all the time. 🙂 So how do I keep my eyes on it ? Without further ado, let’s check it out ! 


1. Make a short list to do. 

Well, writing down the list to do can help you understand what you will do next. It’s really helpful to reduce distraction. Make sure that you list every single step you need before the test. 


2. Research and collect free websites or apps to study IELTS.

There are several free websites available for learning IELTS. You can access it whenever you want. Here I mention the link:


Just check it immediately and find the best way to learn ! 


3. Do it once a day, regularly! Bone up on, please.

In order to become familiar with it, you have to practice every day. Practice makes perfect!

Thus, you can find out what the pattern is. Even though I've had a baby, I am committed to studying it all at least once a day, after my baby sleeps well. To be honest, it is quite challenging for me. But I try to enjoy with all the moment. 


4. Register for the test immediately. 

Deciding to enroll in the test as soon as possible can build a strong fundamental reason why I have to study hard. I registered two weeks before the test day, and it made me more detailed about what to do on the list until the test happened. I picked out IDP Surabaya to take the real test, which is to provide the best facilities there. 


5. Just take a deep breath and do the test very well.

May 30th, 2024, was my day. I started my listening test at 9:00 a.m., followed by a reading and writing task until 12:15 p.m. I can say that all of the equipment was very clear. It is not allowed to bring anything such as electronic stuff, stationery, or a water bottle. However, we got a piece of paper at our own place. Thanks, IDP; you are the best choice.

The speaker from the headphone was clear, the room, chair, table, and PC were suitable, and the air conditioner was cold enough. I really appreciate it. Then I got out of the room, took a short break, and continued with my speaking test by a native speaker from the UK (if I am not mistaken) at 12.35 pm. Such as an ammmaizing process. I did it very well, without nervousness or anxiety. Hopefully I can get the best band score I need.



Actually, I’ve been learning IELTS for a long time, but I struggle to tackle my busy time as a new mother. After I took the test, I realized that everything was only about the preparation and opportunity we got. 



Desclaimer: Everything I have mentioned is based on my personal experience (writer). Enjoy the time :)))

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